Aquascapers of Sweden has gained attention in several aquaristic media. Below, you’ll  find abstracts of the articles in English. If you’re a journalist and wish to get in touch with the AoS-team, please contact us on

Amazonas Magazine 2017-01-09

Akvarister 2.0 2016-12-01

In December 2016, Aquascapers of Sweden received the honourable title "Aquarist of the Month" by the biggest aquarium group in Sweden,

Akvarister 2.0. The group has over 10 000 members and each month it awards the person who has "done most to further the hobby".

Several of the team members have previously been awarded the price individually, but this time the whole team was given the honour.

AEmagasinet 2016-07-17

AEmagasinet invited AoS to write a status update on the team’s progress. In this article, Tommy Vestlie told the readers about the team’s preparation for IAPLC2016, and how we now nervously awaited the judges’ verdict. By then, we had also secured our first partner cooperation with technology giant JBL and plant supplier Aqvainnova. This was of course a milestone for the team and something Tommy emphesized in the article.

AEmagasinet 2016-04-22

AEmagasinet is the largest Swedish aquaristic online magazine, having gained a lot of reputation since it launched in the autumn of 2015.

In the spring number of 2016, AEmagasinet commenced an article about AoS and the new aquascaping trend with the following words:

"Monster fish-fanatics, catfish-enthusiasts and fighting fish nerds - within fishkeeping there are room for the most diverse interests. One of these odd corners, which have grown increasingly in recent years, is aquascaping.

Aquascaping is like a perfectionist doing garden design under water. Each plant, branch and stone are chosen with great care in order to confuse the viewer's eye and create landscapes that seem much larger than they actually are."

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